Bootstrapping an Ubuntu guest for Xen

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First, some empty disk space is needed. Let’s create a logical volume for our new virtual machine:

Create a filesystem on the new logical volume:

Create a mount point:

Mount the new filesystem

Bootstrap the new system. For this, we will use a utility called “debootstrap”, which can bootstrap a fresh Ubuntu installation easily:

After the system is bootstrapped, kernel modules must be copied inside the guest system for it to be able to load them during startup:modules:

Guest system’s /etc/fstab must be created:

Give the guest a hostname:

Umount the filesystem so that we can boot from it:

Create a Xen configuration file:

Boot the machine:

The root password is initially empty, which is not very secure. Change root password:

Configure network:

Install some useful packages:

That’s it! You now have a working virtual machine ready for use.

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