WPA-PSK authentication with Cisco IOS

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When my Linux firewall box died a couple of months ago, I finally decided to by a Cisco router for my Internet connection. Before the Linux box I had an OpenBSD firewall, and I decided it was time to learn yet another platform.

The box is a Cisco 877W which has one ADSL interface, a four-port ethernet switch, and an 802.11g wireless NIC. My first impressions have been very positive. I have for instance learned that this thing can easily be configured to serve multiple SSIDs with different security settings from the same radio, and the SSIDs can be attached to separate VLANs. That means I could create one encrypted SSID for my private use, and an open one for passers by.

Anyway, here’s a quick configuration example. It creates an 802.11g interface which is WPA-PSK protected and bridged to the 4-port ethernet switch:

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