SUID script requirements on AIX 5L and ksh93

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Requirements for a suid script include:

  • #! directing the KornShell be used
  • Executable by user, group, and other
  • No read permission
  • Add suid permission by chmod u+s on the file

Add a -p option to #! to increase security to force a separate process if one is not normally done.


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One thought on “SUID script requirements on AIX 5L and ksh93”

  1. have you ever tried this? I am trying to execute a script as a different user.

    owner-id> ls -l
    -rws–x–x 1 owner-id group-id 673 Dec 6 16:06
    owner-id> cat
    #! /usr/bin/ksh93
    backup scripts inside here
    other-id> ./
    ./ ./ cannot open [Permission denied]
    other-id> /usr/bin/ksh93 cannot open [Permission denied]

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