Get Internet Explorer 7 to work under Crossover Office in Ubuntu 12.10

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If IE7 just keeps opening the runonce3.aspx, you can use this to make it forget about it:

Disable ptrace security (please don’t do this on a multi-user machine – see the codeweavers support wiki instructions regarding security):

To make it permanent, edit /etc/sysctl.d/10-ptrace.conf and set:

That will make other Windows programs run in Ubuntu as well. While the above is all that is needed to run IE7, you can disable the Run Once dialog as follows:

Make changes to the registry by opening the “Run a Windows Command” from the launcher, and running “regedit” in the bottle where you have IE7 installed.

This makes IE7 think the runonce page has been completed:

While you’re at it, this will change the default search page to Google:

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