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Adding Git version control to web sites

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Here’s a little script I made to make it easy to put a number of existing web sites residing under /var/www under version control by Git. Regarding security, it is obviously not a good idea to initialize the Git repository directly under the site directory, since from there it might be served by the web server to the outside world. And that is not what I want. Instead what I want is to have the Git working directory directly in the site directory that is served, and the repository somewhere else. That is perfectly possible with Git, just by setting one or two environment variables. Continue reading Adding Git version control to web sites

Upsert Methods for PostgreSQL

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Update: PostgreSQL 9.5 has been released with INSERT .. ON CONFLICT UPDATE support.

PostgreSQL has no “upsert” or “replace” or “insert .. on duplicate key update” or “merge into” construct to conditionally either insert a new row, or if a row with the key already exists, to either update the existing row with the new values, or first delete the old row and then insert a new one. This has been discussed many times in the posgresql developers mailing lists, and plans to implement the SQL standard MERGE operation have been devised. But there is still no such functionality in PostgreSQL as of version 9.3. Here are some examples on how to implement the functionality in different ways, using either a function, a trigger function or a rule. None of them are perfect. There are trade-offs to be made. Continue reading Upsert Methods for PostgreSQL