Temporarily Disable PostgreSQL Triggers

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To temporarily disable all triggers in a PostgreSQL session, use this:

That disables all triggers for the current database session only. Useful for bulk operations, but remember to be careful to keep your database consistent.

To re-enable:

Disable a Single Trigger

To disable just a single trigger, use ALTER TABLE:

The difference to the previous method is that ALTER TABLE will globally disable the trigger, affecting all database sessions, not just the current one.

To disable all triggers for one table:

To re-enable:


Ubuntu 12.04 Active Directory Authentication

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Update 2015-06-16: Ubuntu 14.04 Active Directory Authentication

Authenticating Linux users against Active Directory has traditionally been hard. There’s a multitude of HOWTOs on how to do it, and every one of them seems to do it a bit differently. This is because environments and goals vary, and there are many ways to achieve a particular goal. I will add my version to the mix. This one fetches users and groups from Active Directory LDAP using a machine account added using the Samba tools, and authenticates users to the Active Directory Key Distribution Center using Kerberos. Continue reading Ubuntu 12.04 Active Directory Authentication

Checking PostgreSQL Disk Usage

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This query sums total disk space used by the table including indexes and toasted data for the 20 largest tables:

via Disk Usage – PostgreSQL wiki.