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Web Messaging with RabbitMQ-Web-Stomp and SockJS

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In this article, I will discuss sending messages from server to web browser using RabbitMQ-Web-Stomp as the backend, and a simple JavaScript library to handle the web browser side. SockJS is used as the browser WebSockets library. This setup enables you to directly push messages in realtime from the RabbitMQ message broker to the web client. This makes it possible to deliver status updates to multiple web clients directly from the message broker. No need for special application server software in the middle.

The reverse is also possible. You can push messages from web browsers directly into the RabbitMQ routing system. This article, though, will discuss the former case, from server to client. The infrastructure required for the latter case is the same, with nothing extra needed. Continue reading Web Messaging with RabbitMQ-Web-Stomp and SockJS