Enabling Quectel EM05-G Modem on Linux

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My new Thinkpad has a Quectel EM05-G modem. For some reason it refused connect, even though it showed up in Gnome settings on Ubuntu 22.10. I checked with “mmcli -m 0 and it said “sim missing” as its state.

After some Googling it appeared the modem ships in some kind of a locked state, so it only works in Windows. I checked with “mbimcli”:

It was easy to unlock:

After this, Gnome was able to enable the mobile broadband connection without problem.


4 thoughts on “Enabling Quectel EM05-G Modem on Linux”

  1. Hi, this was really a savr for me. I cannot connect to my network yet, but the modem is finally enabled on Thinkpad Z13 and Ubuntu 22!

    Thanks so much 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot, this worked perfectly on a Thinkpad Z13 and ubuntu 22.04 LTS as well. After that it was easy to set up the mobile connection to my provider (O2 Germany) with the default Ubuntu settings. PIN was disabled beforehand.

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