NIC bonding with Red Hat/CentOS

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Here are simple instructions on how to configure network interface bonding on Red Hat based distros. The thing I always forget. There’s also a little script which will create a bonding interface bond0 between eth0 and eth1 and migrate existing IP settings from eth0. You can find it in the bottom of this post.

But first here’s how to do it by hand.

Configure bonding module and interface alias:


Insert bonding module:

Configure network interfaces, two physical and one bonding interface:




Restart networking (your network connections will drop at this point):

That’s it!

Automatic Script

Here’s the script I promised. It takes your existing IP settings from eth0 and migrates them to a newly created bond0 which is created between eth0 and eth1:

More information can be found in the bonding.txt of the kernel source documentation.

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