Samba on AIX 5.3

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Here are instructions on how to get the pware Samba running on AIX 5.3.

1. Install these packages from the AIX installation CD:
– ldap.client.rte
– ldap.client.adt

2. Download these packages:


3. Install the packages.

The installed files go under /opt/pware64

Samba configuration file is /opt/pware64/lib/smb.conf

4. Extremely simple Samba configuration file:

5. Enable POSIX Asynchronous IO if needed:

The posix_aio device is needed, otherwise all binaries will complain somewhat like this:

So if you run into this error message, create the POSIX AIO device.

6. Run samba

7. Add to inittab for automatic start at boot time


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